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Degron News Media Report

Degron Therapeutics Had an Exclusive Interview with CCTV2 "Economy 30 Minutes" Program

By Degron,  March 11, 2022 

At 8:00 p.m. on March 11, 2022, the prime-time program "Economy 30 Minutes" on CCTV2 broadcast a special report on the Shanghai Pudong Economic Development Zone and highlighted the innovation in life sciences of JLABS in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone. As one of its resident companies, Degron Therapeutics was invited to participate in the salon activity of JLABS’enterprise exhibition day, and exhibited the founding background and development vision of Degron to the media. Dr. Lily Zou, Degron CEO, had a private interview with CCTV2 and expressed her motivation to do innovative drug development in China.


“As a company developing innovative drugs from basic science, Degron started to build a team in 2021, focuses on the “undruggable” targets, discovers new drugs using its proprietary molecular glue protein degradation platform. Molecular glues can connect two proteins that normally do not connect in the cells, thus allowing removal of disease-causing proteins and potentially curing many different diseases.” Dr. Zou said in the network interview.